Limbo Creatives Software Development   Limbo Creatives Music  
  Software development for Windows, Android, Windows Mobile and embedded systems (MPLabs etc).
C, C++, C#, Java, ASP.NET, HTML, XML, SQL, etc.
Expertise in Network communications and protocols, GUI design and user ergonomics, real time environments, graphics, sound.
Well equipped development office with the latest tools.
Many years experience. Short contracts preferred.

Game development.
Much experience in game development from the 1980's! See doorsdoorsdoors for a brand new game for the Android phone and tablet platforms.

  Music performance, composition, arranging, scoring, recording and production.
Well equipped studio and mobile facility.
Pro Tools, Focusrite PreAmps, Neuman and AKG mics, excellent monitoring, keyboards, guitars and other instruments.
Well suited to taking a vague idea to a polished production.

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